We offer a wide range of solutions in bags for shopping or goods. It is an effective and long-lasting way of communicating the message of your trademark, as well as offering an exceptional functionality.


A wide variety of high quality clothes are part of our designs to manufacture premium products.


The worldwide demand of sustainable products has challenged the packaging industry. Segurpack has an initiative of rising awareness, so we offer a wide range of products made of reusable materials.


These are made of polypropylene clothes of 0,4 LB yr², UV treatment and coated process, having two sealable metallic eyelets, and the resistance and durability is used in the mining industry for ingots shipment and transportation. We offer different designs in knitted polypropylene raffia to pack and move unpackaged loads, sand and gravel, chemical products, achieving an efficient container and optimizing storage.

Consult availability and customized products.

Our tote bags are made of continuous fiber polypropylene of different weight.
We offer the possibility of stamping your design on different colors.